For all the things I may criticize Google for one thing I’ll give them some credit for is their software. And this is what makes owning a Pixel worth it. So what I am talking about is that when the Pixel 4 was released one critique about the phone was that Face Unlock could work with the eyes being closed. And though it took about 6 months to fix, another critique for another day, finally Pixel fans will be able to make Face Unlock more secure.

Google dropped the April security update and in that update is the ability to check on to have eyes open during Face Unlock. This is definitely a much welcomed update. And between this and the fact more banks are accepting Face Unlock as a biometric unlocking method, we are getting the Pixel 4, software wise, that we expected back when it was released last Fall.

Though Google may not provide a meaningful hardware experience to be considered among the flagship level devices like an Apple and Galaxy, they continue to prove why the Pixel still remains the gold standard when it comes to overall software on an android device. Customers of the Pixel continue to get meaningful and quality updates for at least 2 years. Something many other android manufacturers are not doing.

If you have a Pixel 4 go into settings, system, advanced, and click system update.