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    I have continually displayed my displeasure with the decisions Google made with the Pixel 3 & 3XL. I felt they left too much on the table as far as specs. But now that I have it in hand, here are my thoughts.

This feels like the phone Google should have made last year. This is the 2XL done right. No display issues, wireless charging, and a better phone buying process altogether. From the moment you order it, the process is much smoother. None of the issues that plagued Google in the past with ordering a phone. Just order, and phone show up when they are suppose to, mine showed up a week early.

Let’s talk about that notch

I am not going to lie to you, that notch is an eye soar. It is so bad that no other company may want to notch it up again. That said, when using the phone you can get over it. In most applications it really is not in the way. And as far as videos, Netflix handles it better than Youtube.

Is it worth the price?


   I don’t thinks so. I personally sold my Pixel 2XL to buy this phone. And that brought the net cost down to $570. At that cost, I can justify the purchase. But I can not tell someone to spend $900 for this phone. Not when other phones are dropping more specs for less. And the fact the Pixel 2XL is the exact same phone.


Google has done it again placing the best software and camera on a phone. And they managed to give us a better display than what was on the Pixel 2XL. But this is a phone that is a year too late. This is the phone that should have been presented last year by Google. So I will give this phone credit for being the best phone of 2017, as the display was the only thing that held the Pixel 2XL back.

But as far as this year, there are just too many companies dropping phones with better specs. Now it is true that they will not get near the software updates as a Pixel. But that do not justify the purchase of this phone at the current asking price.

Almost there

I applaud Google in what they continue to do with their software. You can see the evolution continue as it do get better in some areas. And they are doing it with less specs and one camera better than some companies are doing with more. Though the phone only has 4GB of RAM, the experience is smooth. And for everyday tasks, people would not know that their phone has less Gigs of RAM than the competition. But if they could take that software and finally marry it with a hardware experience that is forward thinking, they would have the best device on the market. For now, I must admit that they are pretty close.

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