Back in June I wrote an article out of frustration when I first saw the leaked photos that the Pixel 3XL would not be that much of an upgrade from the Pixel 2XL. What caught my attention the most was the 4GB of RAM. Since then I stepped back and wanted to see if the final release would be different.

Screen Shot 2018-08-03 at 1.37.17 PM.png

   Thanks to Ice Universe posting this benchmark, it looks like we are indeed getting a 4GB RAM Pixel 3XL and I am truly disappointed. Google justified charging iPhone like prices to bring us phones that led the pack. But at 4GB of RAM that is not pack leading. That is Nexus like and nexus like specs need nexus like pricing.

With companies like One Plus offering their flagship phones with 6GB-8GBs of RAM at a cheaper price than the Pixel 2XL I do not see how one can even justify buying a Pixel 3XL this year. Especially if rumors are true that it will be the most expensive Pixel phone to date.


    Even if the price is the same as last year’s Pixel 2XL, customers might as well buy that phone at a cheaper price given they are essentially buying the same phone.

We are still a few months away from the Pixel 3XL being official. But for now things are not looking so good. And for me I may be looking toward One Plus for my phone buying this year.

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