Looks like Google is doing what the rest are doing.

There has been this trend of smartphone companies deciding to sell phones without the charging brick. Their reasoning, it’s better for the environment. Now I’m all for taking care of our environment, it’s that I question whether this is completely an environmental issue and not a business move.


The prices of these phones have been steadily increasing every year. Some justification is warranted for the advancement in technology and using better material. But if you look at Android phones a decade ago, and compare them to now, we keep seeing more stuff removed. The headphone jack, SD card, removable batteries, all things that were considered standard in android phones are now gone. 

Now, I get some of the items, like the removable batteries, made for better dust and water resistance. Giving up a removable battery is warranted and worth it to get IP dust and water-resistant ratings. Plus, with fast charging and better software, this feels more like a win than a loss.

But when you look at the other things that would come standard in the box. Stuff like a pair of (cheap) earbuds, a charger, and (in some cases) a case. It made the purchase of these devices feel like you were getting something. But now when you look in the box you are seeing nothing but the phone. Meanwhile, hanging in a package on the shelves are the same items that would come free with the phone now being sold for an extra fee. Though there was an industry that profited off of selling chargers, cases, and earbuds before manufacturers stopped including them in the box, the manufacturers that were concerned about the environment are now looking to profit in a space that is already oversaturated. I’ll say this, for me it will continue to be seen as a play to make more money. That said, I’ll still be in line picking up a Pixel.¬†

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