Great news for those who don’t live in Nevada or bet on horses. Gambling is back in professional and college sports. The United States Supreme Court agreed to allow New Jersey’s bid for sports betting at its casinos and racetracks, effectively ending prohibition on a $100 billion industry and ending restrictions on wagering outside of Nevada.

      “The legalization of sports gambling requires an important policy choice, but the choice is not ours to make,” the Supreme Court said in its decision. “Congress can regulate sports gambling directly, but if it elects not to do so, each State is free to act on its own.  Our job is to interpret the law Congress has enacted and decide whether it is consistent with the Constitution. PASPA is not.”
     FanDuel and Draft Kings have been basically had its own system to circumvent the regulations, with daily fantasy. Just imagine if and when they get latitude to allow their customers to flat out gamble. Instead of taking one or two dollars and picking a lineup you could just bet a spread. I am pretty excited about being able wager on a Sunday afternoon game like i’m buying a scratch-off from the gas station.
     On the other hand though… it may open some avenues to negatively effect the game. Of course, all the commissioners of the major money driven sports want regulations.  Pete Rose and Tim Donaghy are probably the two most infamous names when it comes to sports and gambling. I could see some college athletes point shaving or doing something as such. As far as professionals, they are making way too much money with contracts and endorsements. Of course, there will always be one.. but if the microscope that undoubtedly that will follow gambling, I cannot see it being an issue.   
By DeeCee
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