March Madness has definitely been that this year. There was no great team per say in this year’s college basketball tournament. Virginia was the best team for majority of the season and going into the NCAA Tournament. Behind an experienced team and suffocating defense, best in the nation; The Cavaliers deservingly was the #1 seed in the field. Little did we know the University of Maryland Baltimore County would pull the upset of a lifetime. Out of 136 #1 vs. #16 they were the first to win. The darling of the tournament was born, at least we thought, losing their next outing. To the delight of many Sister Jean and The Ramblers of Loyola-Chicago became the definition of bracket busters. Only the 4th 11th seed to ever reach the Final Four, they seem to be story of the tournament. All of the “blue blood” universities have been falling by the wayside. Michigan State and Arizona were bounced early;  Kentucky and Gonzaga were dropped in the Sweet 16.

   According to ESPN’s Tournament Challenge only 550 out of 17,304,320 or .003% entered correct brackets. With the Final Four approaching the champion will either be a new face, a football school, or a power house. At the top of the bracket you have Michigan versus Loyola-Chicago; at the bottom its chalk with Villanova and Kansas facing off. It is fitting that the champion will be crowned in San Antonio. They say everything is bigger in Texas. Well, the result of these games will be either be a big deal or a big letdown.


By DeeCee

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