Fantasy moves I would like to see happen but probably won’t. All the scenarios are possible but I can’t see some GMs letting it happen.

Anthony Davis to Golden State Warriors via trade
Golden State receives: Anthony Davis, future 2nd round pick
New Orleans receives: Draymond Green, Klay Thompson, and future 1st round pick
A good number of people were ready to give up on the regular season after Durant signing. Could you imagine that? AD can barely be stopped with Jrue Holiday has his lead wing player. Now he has 2 of the top 5 or 6 players to play along. Could you imagine a Durant and Davis pick-and-roll? A big man switched
Kawhi Leonard to Boston via trade
San Antonio receives: Jaylen Brown, Marcus Morris, future 1st round pick (protected)
Boston receives: Kawhi Leonard
Many people including myself believes Boston goes to the finals if they had Gordon Hayward and/or Kyrie Irving. Danny Ainge is pretty aggressive and I cannot imagine he doesn’t at least try. Kyrie Irving, Gordon Hayward, Kawhi Leonard and Jayson Tatum as a sixth man. Best team in the East. It is definitely high risk, high reward. Risk: You lose 3 first round picks including a budding superstar in Brown if Leonard decides not to re-sign. Reward: A shot at Golden State for the ultimate prize.
LeBron James and PG13 in San Antonio
This the first one on my list that does not require a trade. In reality to avoid luxury tax they would probably have to do a sign-and-trade with Cleveland. But… since these are all “fantasy moves” its not necessary. First of all, it is only fitting for the best coach to coach the best player. More often than not it equates to championships in all major sports. What stands out to me is how great defensively this team would be. Kawhi. PG13, and LeBron are All-NBA caliber defenders in Pop’s system.. no one would ever score 100 points. I failed to mention James running point with all that talent around.
Damien Lillard to Miami
Miami receives: Damien Lilliard, Jusuf Nurkić
Portland receives: Goran Dragić, Hassan Whiteside, future 1st round pick(protected)
Well… if you didn’t know my NBA team before reading this… you do now. This actually might be more far-fetched than the one before. Portland, in order to take the deal have to be desperate. Miami is about to lose Wade to retirement and needs a star. Lillard and Nurkić could own South Beach.
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