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   Here we are… another NBA Finals lost and another free agency. Who am I speaking of you ask? The one and only LeBron James of course. First, he took his talents to South Beach. Next, he came back to Cleveland with a promise to win a championship, which he did. Before this season the Cavaliers had a roster on paper that should have been enough to compete with Golden State. Halfway through the chemistry plus injuries left that team with much to be desired. Insert the trade deadline, they brought in younger and more athletic pieces. After being swept by the Warriors, clearly it wasn’t enough.

NBA free agency begins July 1st. So what now…Go to Philadelphia with Simmons and Embiid? Houston with Harden and CP3?


   Or stay put?

   I’m no expert at all but it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see he is gone. Unlike many before him he still is the most dominant player at this stage of his career. It would only make sense to pioneer the Operation: Beat Golden State. The Lakers is probably the best place. They have enough cap space to get two max players right now. Houston would have to agree to a sign and trade, which would break up a team with the best record. Philly is on the cusp of greatness but LeBron and Simmons are practically the same player: point guards in a power forward’s body. If Ben was the ball handler LeBron would almost become just a cutter and spot up shooter. If LeBron is running the point… Ben can’t shoot… at all. Like most players I am sure he will develop a jumper but will that be this summer?

   Cleveland are handcuffed by the cap with or without LeBron on the books. I personally don’t believe their assets can net them a superstar. Even if it did it wouldn’t be enough, they lost in 5 with Kyrie Irving. At this point he has to go to the west, why?

   Well… in the western conference you’ll go head to head with Golden State. It would keep another finals loss off his resumé. LeBron is going to have to crew up to the likes he never has before. He is going to shift the power of the league wherever he goes. For his sake let’s hope he can get Paul George and/or Boogie Cousins to join him. He is going to need all the help he can get. I cannot wait to see what team he puts together to try to stop that sharpshooting juggernaut in Oakland.

   Written by DeeCee

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