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NBA Playoffs Predication

#1 Houston vs. #8 Minnesota
I think this will be closer than the numbers indicate. Minnesota has a lot of young talent and good coach… but just not enough this year.
HOU 4-2
#1 Toronto vs. #8 Washington
Toronto will make this easy. Washington has been in shambles since Wall’s return.
TOR 4-1
#2 Golden State vs. San Antonio
Curry is out, Leonard isn’t playing, the scales balance out, Warriors advantage.
GS 4-2
#2 Boston vs. #7 Milwaukee
All the sudden is out, I don’t believe Horford better than the Greek Freak. I’m going with an upset in the Bucks.
MIL 4-3
#3 Portland vs. #6 New Orleans
Anthony Davis is a monster but Portland has been playing better all year,
POR 4-2
#3 Philadelphia vs.. #6 Miami
Philly is a roll the city has some good juju right now.
PHI 4-2
#4 Oklahoma City vs. #5 Utah
Westbrook is going to be too much and add on PG13 and Melo. Mitchell had a fantastic rookie year but it ends
OKC 4-2
#4 Cleveland vs. #5 Pacers
LeBron hasn’t lost in the first round and he seems to be on a mission.
CLE 4-2


Second Round

#1 Houston vs. #4 OKC
Houston’s magical season keeps rolling, it will be fun to watch but they have too much going.
HOU 4-2
#1 Toronto vs.. #4 Cleveland
LeBron has their kryptonite. Unless it changes, which I have no reason to believe it will…same old story
CLE 4-3
#2 Golden State vs. #3 Portland
All expectations is Curry will be back and I think he’s going light them up. Golden State wants Houston in a hurry.
GS 4-1
#3 Philadelphia vs.. #7 Milwaukee
I think the Greek Freak is the best player but I got to Trust the Process in this series.
PHI 4-3

Conference Semi-Finals

#3 Philadelphia vs.. #4 Cleveland
You’re basically asking me to say who’s better… LeBron or Simmons… Well I think that isn’t too hard. Philly makes it interesting though.
CLE 4-3
#1 Houston vs. #2 Golden State
The heavyweight matchup, what everybody is waiting for. This should be the finals realistically. If Golden State is healthy like I expect I don’t see Paul, Harden and D’Antoni get it together, together this year. Best series we have seen in a while.
GS 4-3

NBA Finals

#2. Golden State vs. #4 Cleveland
How surprised are you? Really, you shouldn’t be.. LeBron lives in the finals but winning is different. He will have a MONSTER series like average 30 points with a triple double but the Warriors have 4 All-Stars and Kyrie is in Boston. I don’t see Kevin Love doing enough to overtake all of that. I think Part 4 goes to Golden State.
Golden State wins the NBA Finals in 6 games and Kevin Durant will be back to back Finals MVP.
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