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Foldable tablets

This past week Samsung unveiled their foldable phone. Now this is an early device so it still needs work before it is ready for the working person to buy. I would like to see how this technology evolve over the years, similar to how the edge display evolved to bezel-less displays (something pointed out by MKB here).

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Some ideas for how this tech could be useful could be with tablets. We continue with trying to get tablets more manageable to hold and transport. If the tech can evolve where they could get this device almost paper thin, users could fold the device to put it in a bag or pocket. This technology could help boost news and book sales. Imagine being able to buy a tablet that is paper thin, and you could use that to read news articles, comics, or novels.


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 Display on the go

Whether it be to watch a movie on the go, or cast a slide show, having a larger display (than what is on your phone), makes the viewing experience better. The user would simply have to pull out their display, tucked in their small carry on bag, unfold it, and mirror their phone display to it. They could then just use their phone to operate the slideshow, or change the media being cast.


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Live ads on vehicles

Ads are everywhere. Turn on the TV, unlock your phone, step outside, no matter where you go, or what you do, you are likely to encounter an ad. Ads allow businesses to make people aware of what they are selling. Ads also allow sites, content creators, shows, and people to get paid. It is not unheard of to see a person driving around town with a magnetic billboard or a wrap slapped on their vehicle. With a foldable display this will allow advertisers and businesses the ability to show more ads on a vehicle. Cars and trucks could soon become a mobile changing billboard.

Technology is continuing to evolve, and it is cool to see how fast tech change, and what it changes to. And now we may be at the beginning stages of seeing how a new technology changes how we consume content.

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