If you enjoy UHD (aka 4K) content on Netflix then it will come as a premium. Netflix current tiered plan is $10.99 for two streams and $13.99 for the four stream family plan. But users wanting 4K content will have to pay $13.99 for two stream and $16.99 for a four stream family plan.

Currently the ultra plans are still in testing and have rolled out to select customers. If Netflix ultimately do roll this feature out I am all for it. It cost Netflix more to house and stream 4K content than standard. But not everyone care if their Netflix is in 4K or not. For those that do they can pay more while those that are ok with the standard HD content can continue paying the current amount.

With more streaming services looking to come online Netflix is going to facing some competition. Right now they are easily able to stave off Youtube Red. But as companies like DC and Disney begin rolling out their streaming services Netflix will have to do more to keep customers. Will Netflix be able to do just enough to keep subscribers from giving them the axe?

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