I was excited for all the possibilities of my movie pass card and the first big movie I had planned to see with it ended up being a failure. Movie pass is a subscription that allow you to watch movies at the theater. You pay the fee then you choose your movie where they will load your card to buy the tickets at the kiosk. For movie fans and movie reviewers this is a great deal, especially if you catch it on a discount.


What happens when your card fails?

No matter how great a product or service is something in the process will always fail. Whether it be a technical problem, hardware issue, or even a lack of understanding from the customer, what separates the good companies from the great companies is support. So what happens when you as a customer are in line and can not complete the process?

This is what happened to me. I was in line ready to use my movie pass card to purchase my tickets and no-go. Now this was not my first movie pass purchase as I used it a few weeks before to watch Pacific Rim 2. I actually had no issues making the purchase then.

So after trying several times to complete the process for Infinity War I contacted Movie pass support via the app, Twitter, and email and no support whatsoever. In fact here it is 24hours later, as I am writing this article, and I have still yet to hear a peep from them over at Movie pass.


Moving on

The process failing to go through was not going to keep me from enjoying one of the biggest Marvel movies of the decade as I just purchased the tickets with my debit card. But I could imagine the frustration a person would have felt if they chose to try and watch Infinity War on Friday night and having an issue with their movie pass card. I felt the frustration only because I could not get any support at all. This ultimately led me to just cancel the service. Outside of your big movies I would have struggled to really make use of the service.

Movie pass is a good service as I have heard from many Youtube pundits and it is likely my issue could have been a one off. But for me lack of support is where I will cancel a service asap. Now I am patient and will do everything I can to research an issue and even wait for support if need be. I am not one of those “right now” type of people. But it should not take 24 hours to get support on something that should have been able to been resolved with a click of a mouse.

This is PC747, what has been your experiences with Movie Pass.


Movie Pass

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