With Samsung pulled their Galaxy Fold and Huawei is delaying the release of the Mate X. Motorola may be the first successful launch of a folding phone with the Razr.

There have been rumors for months that Motorola (now Lenovo) may be partnering with Verizon to bring back the Razr. But unlike the Droid Razr, this will actually fold similar to the popular Razr phone released back in 2005.

Like Samsung and Huawei, this will be a foldable display. But where they differ is in design and concept. Huawei and Samsung are looking to make more of a tablet-phone hybrid, where the devices folds out into a usable tablet. Motorola is instead having their phone flip down like the flip phones of the past. Built on top of android, users will have all of the apps and services available through the Google Play store. But being able to flip the phone in a smaller, pocket friendly form factor will be ideal for a number of customers.

Motorola brought the eyes to android phones with the Droid, they could now revive the flip phone with the new Razr. Partnered with the largest wireless company in America, this could be a sleeper hit come Fall. Especially if Verizon cleverly pairs this in with a BOGO for those picking up the latest iPhone for a loved one.


Pops walk in looking to get an iPhone for the kid and the Mrs., and walks out with a Razr to replace his aging flip phone. Win/Win/Win for Verizon.

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