Out of all the MK characters, Scorpion is my favorite character. I don’t know what it is about the Hellspawn but I just love using him, and he has a cool character arc. So I was all over checking out the movie Mortal Kombat Legends: Scorpion’s Revenge. I didn’t quite like how Scorpion met his demise in the 95 Mortal Kombat movie, and we all just want to forget about Annihilation. So what did I think about this movie?

Let’s start with the animation. Animation over the years has come a long way. Just seeing how the artists have been able to literally bring some of our favorite characters to life has been a treat. The last few DC movies, Batman: Hush and Superman Red Son, I have really enjoyed the animations. But I didn’t care so much for the animation in this movie, it reminded me of 96 Mortal Kombat cartoon. Maybe I am being harsh, but the visuals looked (dare I say) cheap. Now there are a couple of cool fight scenes in the movie that pays homage to the movie but man when you get into the meat and potatoes of this movie it was a little lackluster.

The other weak spot was the storyline. The story was about the revenge of Scorpion and I wish they would have spent more time on the character. The part of the movie where you got to see the Hanzo with his son was very good, unfortunately, it was too short. I just wish they would have spent a little more time on the village, clan, and Hanzo’s family.

As far as the other characters in the movie, they just didn’t provide enough backstory so the audience can really know the characters. The writers I guess expected us to just fill in the blanks based on the mythology of the games. And therefore you had a story that felt rushed.

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There are some good things about this movie. If you’re a fan of the game for its brutal finishes and fights, you’re going to get that in this movie. There is no shortage of body parts ripped apart and just straight brutality. That is where this movie pays homage to the game and give fans what they want to see.

Overall I feel like this is one of those movies I may check out on Netflix for free. For fans of the game, it has some fun moments and several easter eggs that are cool to check out. But as far as spending $20 on it, eh, I’ll recommend passing on this. There isn’t enough in this story to justify paying that high a price. The story modes in the games offer a more thought out and better story. As far as where I would rank this among the MK films, I would put the 95 MK on top, followed by this film, and lastly the Annihilation. Annihilation was not a good movie at all.

Did you see Mortal Kombat Scorpion’s Revenge?

Post your thoughts on the movie.

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