As we inch closer to the Pixel release we are getting more information about what to expect to be announced on stage. Two new revelations reveal we may see a way for those on hold to use machine learning to handle the call, and there will be 4 color options to choose from.

Let’s start with using machine learning for handling calls on hold. We all have been there where you call a company for help or assistance and end up on hold. This happens when we call our banks, customer support, or even a store just to ask a question. Whatever it is, it is inevitable we will be placed on hold. And sometimes 5 mins can feel like 20 mins, especially if you not liking the hold music. But thanks to a new feature you may soon be able to use Google Assistant to let you know when someone picks up. The way it will work will be you tap on a button while on hold, and when someone picks up you will get an alert. This will allow you, the person on hold, to go about doing something else until you get help, while keeping your place in line. I am sure this will probably be an extension of Google’s call screen feature.

The second big news is the chosen colors for the Pixel 4 will be white, black, orange (or what they will be calling coral), and a pinkish color. With the ability to choose something beyond just white and black, I wonder some of those colors will be carrier exclusive. I would not be surprised if only the “coral” version of the Pixel 4 is exclusive to Verizon customers. Or at least exclusive at launch. Then again, we may get the “coming soon”, meaning Google may wait until sales start to slip and then throw out that the “coral” version is now available.

I am very excited for the Pixel 4 release, which mirrors my excitement the past few years…sort of. My excitement dropped a little during the Pixel 3XL leak because it was just an updated Pixel 2XL. Google might as well named it the Pixel 2XLs. But I really feel like this phone will feel like a true upgrade from the Pixel 2.

Are you excited for the Pixel 4?



Google Pixel 4 colors leak, including brand new coral-like hue

Source: Google Assistant on Pixel 4 can take over calls while you’re on hold


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