Ever since Google announced they were finally bringing Messages to Desktops (officially), I could not wait to try it out. And after using it for a few months here are my thoughts.

Screen Shot 2018-08-24 at 11.13.15 AM.png

   I actually love it. Finally Google has caught up to Apple with this feature. What I like more is the ability to start and end a connection quickly from your phone. To connect all you have to do is go into settings in your messaging app, locate “Messages for web”, go to “messages.android.com” on your computer, and scan the code.

Once you are linked you can send texts, emojis, and MMS from your computer. Just note that it uses your phone’s data connection when sending. That said it really is a helpful tool to have. Using my phone for work, to be able to copy and paste from an email into the window, and vice verse, this just saves on productivity. Before, I would have to grab my phone and email an MMS to myself, download the image, and attach it into an email. But now I can just download the image straight to my computer and attach it to the email.

The one improvement I would like to see in the future is the ability to use broadband to save my phone data. By having to rely on your phone’s data, if you are in a dead spot, can hinder your sending and reception of messages. An obvious problem for those with poor connection or coverage. But as long as you are in a strong coverage area for your carrier, and your data speeds are decent, you will not have any problems using this feature.

Another thing I would like to see done is to be able to set messaging profiles. That way when at work I can only have work related messages visible. The way it is now, all of your messages are visible. So personal messages can be read by coworkers in your area.

From a tablet, another phone using chrome browser, or chromebook a person can check and send texts. This means they can have their phone on the charger and send texts from a computer in another room of the house, useful for those always on the go. And despite momentary loss of connection every now and then, this just works. In fact it works so well I’m surprised Google has not put this out in front for more people to try.

What are your thoughts about Messages for web?Screen Shot 2018-08-24 at 12.05.14 PM.png


  1. It would be great if it worked. Everything’s fine immediately following the code scan, but it soon refuses to connect, and nothing brings it back to life. (I’ve tried it on both Windows and Linux, Chrome and Firefox, with the same results) Not ready for prime time it seems.

    1. I have been using Messages for Web for a year now and it has improved. So much that when I log in at work in the morning the first thing I do is open a dedicated window and turn on notifications for Messages for Web. It has become a very relied on tool for work so much that I now could not go without it. Yes, I could, but honestly, I do not want to have to not be able to use this.

      Are you using it?

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