Google is finally going to bring messages to your desktop. Apple v Android has been going down for almost a decade. No matter where you stand there are features one have you wish was on the other. One area apple continues to surpass android is with messaging.

Google is finally going to bring messages to your desktop.

Google is finally going to bring messages to your desktop. And this is a feature that is a few years past due. There are a number of 3rd party apps but none via Google. The ability to send and respond to text messaging via computer has been long overdue.

According to Android Authority and XDA there are a few screenshots proving we may soon see the feature coming to our phones and computers soon. Google has been pushing RCS in Android Messages and this could be the bridge that finally bring us this feature.

Will this come live or by test

The question is will this feature be made available in the next major update (P)?

Google is known for testing a number of apps and software tweaks. Some eventually make its way to our phones (split screen). Others fall by the way side never to be seen again (dark theme). What finally makes it to the masses and doesn’t is obviously up to Google. But considering a number of people have pointed to text messaging being what sets iOS apart from Android, it is time Google rectify this.

Google seem to be all over the place with their texting apps. Hangouts, Allo, and Messages are 3 apps doing the same thing. Darts being thrown at the wall (seems like) if you throw in Google Voice. Hangouts actually had the most potential but Google could not get enough people to adopt it. Allo feels like a second attempt at Hangouts. Google Voice still lacks the ability to send videos. And Messages gets replaced by third party apps by carriers and phone manufacturers.

We need one messaging app for android phones, period

The appeal of android is the ability to choose. You can choose your wallpaper, music app, email app, and messaging app. This ability of choice is what makes it the opposition of iOS. Like Google Play, Google is going to need to put their foot down with texting apps. Having Samsung, HTC, and other android manufacturers with different messaging apps is hurting android. And if you add the carries’ apps then you are looking at a possibility of 3 different texting apps. This makes it hard to be able to get all the messaging on the same platform.

Once Google gets their Messages fixed and capable they are going to need to push android to one texting app. The problem is that Google is still all over the place. They have yet to commit to one texting app themselves. It is going to be hard to get the manufacturers and carriers on board until Google is ready to commit to one app. All the features of Allo, Hangouts, and Messages need to be in one texting app. And that messaging app needs to rival that of the iPhone.  With Chromebooks and Chrome Tablets on the rise the door is opened for Google to really shine here. Let’s see if Google is truly committed to getting texting right.

Android Authority


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