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   I was real critical of the reports that Google will be going back to LG for screens in the upcoming Pixel 3XL. After all the fiasco surrounding the Pixel 2XL screen drama I wanted Google to go with Samsung.

But then I had a look at the LG ThinQ up person and had to say it was a nice looking screen. Well it looks like I was not the only one taking note at how nice of a screen LG put in the ThinQ as Apple was looking as well.

Apple may be looking to LG to supply the screens for their upcoming 6 inch OLED iPhone and possibly for the next year’s 6+ inch iPhone as well. Now I would be remised if I failed to bring up the fact that the screens are for the more “affordable” iPhone model. But Apple is known for putting out quality devices even with their cheaper models. Plus they will supply up to 5 million screens for the other model iPhones.

This do make me feel a little better about the Pixel 3XL but we will have to see if this years Pixel will truly come with a better screen. As far as Apple this is a smart play. A few years back they were hamstrung by Samsung unable to supply enough panels and resulted in delays. Having another supplier should help to minimize future supply delays.

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