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      Another Marvel show is out and this time it is on FreeForm (aka ABC Family). Unlike some of the other Marvel characters, Cloak and Dagger are on the bottom echelon of familiar characters and this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. With characters that people are not familiar with this give the show writers a chance to explore different avenues. And that is what they do here with this show.

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    They open the show giving the background of these two different characters from different worlds. Ty (Tyrone Johnson played by Aubrey Joseph) a black kid that on the outside have a good life. His parents are successful and are able to afford to live in a nice house on the nice side of town with Ty going to a prep school. On the opposite side of the tracks is Tandy Bowen (portrayed by Olivia Holt) who is basically a runaway who gets by on robbing and scamming. Her relationship with her mother is strained after a tragedy that set them on their path. This portrayal of the character is a flip from their comic book origins where Ty is the runaway getting by off of robbing and scamming and Tandy came from the family that was well off.

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    We follow these characters as they struggle to continue on through life despite their hardships. Yet we see how they and their families struggle to get through the day to day. Some go through their day stoic trying to look as if all is well while barely holding on. And others rely on other mechanisms to cope.  We see how this tragic day led to the events that turned Ty and Tandy into Cloak and Dagger.

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    I actually loved the show. Because it is outside of New York and not relying on the name drop or help of the MCU they are able to tell a story that feels like its own show. In fact they do not mention their connection to the MCU until the last episode. And frankly I am ok with that. As the main focus is on these characters and the city of New Orleans. With the exception of the last episode I really had no real complaints. For me this ranks as one of the better Marvel shows. In fact right now I have this slated up there at the top above the Netflix shows.


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