Full disclosure, I am not a Star Wars fan. I didn’t see the original movies until The Force Awakens came out. I was swept up in all the hype so I decided to check out the original trilogy to have some back story on the upcoming movie. Though I still walked away not caring for the Star Wars Mythology, I found myself intrigued with Disney Plus’ the Mandalorian. Here are my thoughts on the 2nd Season opening episode.

One of the things that appeals to me about the Mandalorian is the whole Western theme. That and the fact it is not too Star War-ish (if that is a word). What I mean is that even someone like me who does not find Star Wars appealing is glued to the Mandalorian. And the reason is it feels like a grimey lone wolf story with a b.a alpha going from town to town kicking butt. Though they use the Star Wars lore as the background, it is not beating me over the head with it. And because of that it is doing more to entice me into the lore than any other show or movie, outside of Rogue One.

Season 2 continues where it left off with Mando having to protect and return Baby Yoda to his “kind”. He is having to go from town to town to try and learn more about Baby Yoda, where he comes from, and how to get this child to his world while having a bounty on his and Baby Yoda’s heads. 

Spoiler —————————————————————————————————————-

This 2nd part has spoilers so read only after watching the episode or if you do not care about spoilers. You have been warned. 

Before Season 2 started there was a lot of talk about Boba Fett being in Season 2. I personally like how that was turned on its head and it was just some random dude wearing the armor. That said, this show repeated the theme of last season. Mando goes into a bar, asks questions, is confronted with a conflict, and either fights the person or helps the person solve a problem.

Though it continued with the same theme I still found myself intrigued by the episode. I enjoyed the character interactions as well as the setting. There were even a couple of scenes that made me chuckle, particularly when the sand creatures try to lure out the sand snake with a sacrificial lamb. 

Chapter 9 had me captivated throughout the entire episode and left me wanting more. As a person who does not know the lore I am wanting to know who the person was at the end of the episode and how does he fit in the franchise?

What were your thoughts on Chapter 9?

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