After the mixed reviews for Justice League, people were intrigued by “the Snydercut”. The Snydercut was a cut of Justice League as Zack Snyder had planned and partially filmed before having to exit production due to a family tragedy. There were articles upon articles, reddit posts, and more demanding WB release the Snydercut. I, for one, didn’t think one existed and was demanding these Syder fans just move on.

Thankfully, a Snydercut did exist and I have to admit it was really good. In fact, I no longer acknowledge that other version that was released a few years back. For me, there is only one Justice League and that is the one that we just saw on HBO.

The Snyder cut felt more connected and had a story that made sense. It wasnt trying to force humor but found a way to add in humor at the right time. On top of all that, I liked that every hero had their moment that added to the team. Flash wasn’t treated like this goofy character that was more in the way (at times), and instead felt more like the Flash.

Now this movie is not perfect, there are a few things that deserve criticism. For one, there are things that could have been cut or sped up for time. The obvious stand out was the Aqua-cheerleaders. That could have been cut from the film as it added nothing to the story. Another scene was the Flash intro. Speed that scene up, cut out the stuff we did not need and keep the story tight.

Despite my criticism, I applaud both the Snyder fans for sticking with this, and HBO for finally giving us the Snyder Cut. But now that it is here do we really want and need the Snyderverse back?

Personally, I think there are some things from the Snyderverse that could be kept. I liked the more grounded universe that set itself a part from what Marvel was doing. That said, it could cut back and benefit from a little polish. But overall I think that the Snydercut went out on a high and should stay that way. As much as fans criticized Whedon’s version of Justice League for the poor reviews, and rightly so, let’s not forget that Zack Snyder will be forever linked with the “Martha” scene in Batman v Superman. A scene that will live in infamy. Plus when you read where Zack Snyder was planning on going with future movies, I think that now is a good spot to end this.

At the end of the day all of those who criticized Snyder fans for their #Snydercut have to eat some crow. The fans were right and we have benefitted from their hard work and tireless fight for this version of the movie. But as far as #restorethesnyderverse goes, I think we DC would do better to let the Snyderverse end with the Snydercut. But hey, I was wrong before and could be proven wrong again.

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