This week two other devices may be joining the notch army, the Pixel 3XL and a new Motorola phone, the Motorola One Power. And whether I like it or not I have a choice to either buy or pass. So what will I do?

My issue with the notch is not necessarily the design. I attribute the notch design to two phones, the Essential Ph-1 and the iPhone X. The iPhone X was the most popular of the two and that is the look that manufacturers are adopting. And there lies my issue. In a world of saturated phones it is nice to have a little distinction among them. Yes Apple copy from android as much as android copied from them. And some things just need to be universal. But the notch design is not it.


   I miss seeing some real innovation. Credit Essential for being willing to step outside of the box despite their camera issues. They changed the look in a better way. Apple would follow a few months later with a wider design that was met with even more criticism. And now some of the same people who criticized it are embracing android manufacturers for doing the same thing. Ironic as android fans have been critical of iPhone fans when they embraced the iPhone for including features android had years ago.

At the end of the day I am not going to pass on the Pixel 3XL. Unlike the original Pixel design I do not find the notch design as offensive. But if you take the look of the first Pixel (that looked like an iPhone minus the fingerprint reader on the front) and potentially this year’s Pixel 3XL I have to question Google’s hardware design. It is one thing to take a page out of the Apple playbook but another to just copy the entire playbook.

Look I could be getting over-hyped about a screen protector leak. And even if the front has a notch that do not mean Google will not change up something else in the hardware to make it distinguishable from the competition. Google may be doing what I criticized them for not doing back with the original pixel in embracing the trends and not being behind. The trend for now is the notch and they are just riding this wave to the next trend. But I want my Google to be the trend setters and not the trend followers. Apple and other android manufacturers should be chasing Google and that is what I want to see.


    What do you think about all of these notch designs, am I just getting too hyped up or do you agree with me, post your comments below.

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