LG responded with their LG G8 Thinq device which will look to turn heads with their own innovations. The first being able to recognize the vein patterns in your hands to unlock your phone. Hand Vein Technology is what the feature is called, but not only will it be able to recognize your hand to unlock the phone, but you can also use your hand to change the volume, open apps, take a photo, answer calls, and even control your alarm clock. This motion tech will allow users to do more without even having to lift their phones.

The other big feature is them bringing their Crystal Sound OLED tech to phones. This mean that instead of a speaker grill, your phone will transmit sound through vibration through the glass.

As far as specs, you have a 6.1 OLED display, Qualcomm Snapdragon 855, 6GB of RAM, 128GB internal storage, 3500 mAh battery, 3 rear cameras (12 MP standard, 16 MP ultrawide, and 12 MP telephoto), and an 8MP front camera.


The difference over last year’s G7 mainly lies in an additional rear camera, an updated processor (855 vs 845), slightly more battery life (3500 vs 3000), and the new features above.

Will this response be enough to sway customers away from the Samsung line toward that of LG’s, that remains to be seen. As far as cosmetics, the G8 looks a step above the G7. This phone intrigues me because the design language of the LG G devices seem to make its way to the larger Google Pixel phones in the fall.

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