The Endgame of the DC Animation


This movie for me did a good job hitting on all cylinders. Tying in all of the DC Animated movies, beginning with Flashpoint Paradox. In fact, this feels like a fitting ending to that movie and the proper way to be able to end there and start anew. But I am getting a little ahead of myself. Let’s talk about this movie (no spoilers).

Though this movie is titled Justice League Dark, it does not have a lot of “Dark” elements. And for me, that is a good thing. Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate the characters in that series, but some of the stuff dealing with the dead and ghosts were just a little too much for me. Just not my cup of tea. And if you feel that way as well, then do not shy away from this movie. It really captures the elements and the soul of the DC characters we have loved in a way we still have not been able to see on the big screen. Further showing why the animation property continues to remain part of the strong arm of the WB DC property.

In Justice League Dark Apokolips War, we see the Justice League take on Darkseid yet again, but this time taking the battle to his homeworld, a clear response to the evasion that took place in Justice League War. What happens next is what makes this movie enjoyable. They literally took in elements not only from the other animated movies in this franchise but the comics and the Injustice video games as well. And there are many scenes in this movie where I go “they really did that, BRAVO”. I want to talk about which scenes but will hold back to prevent any spoilers.

Now the movie is called Justice League Dark because it follows the main character, John Constantine. And his story arc in this is solid. But I would be remiss if I told you that I was glued on his arc. I was just geeking out how they got all the details right from other movies in this universe, including the headgear that Mera wears that can be traced back to Justice League Flashpoint Paradox. And they just keep throwing those Easter eggs in there that reward the fans who watched all the movies in this franchise but did not spend too much time dwelling on it.

If you are a fan of the DC Animated movies this is the movie for you. From the beginning until the end you will enjoy this, what I call the Endgame of the series of films that started 7 years ago with Flashpoint Paradox. What a fitting end to this journey that though had its hiccups along the way (cough Killing Joke) it managed to right the ship and put out a fair number of good movies. Even paying a nod to the Suicide Squad animated movies. Though I will say it feels like they just ignored the events in The Killing Joke (mainly the first half) and treated it like it was non-canon, a smart move on their part.

So what are your thoughts on this movie?

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