After two years of the back and forth with the feds and the courts,T-Mobile & Sprint are now one. Taking over at the helm will be New CEO Mike Sievert, who will be taking over for John Legere. But there are many questions that will need to be answered such as if they will actually keep all the promises before the merger was closed, we look forward to seeing if that will be the case.

On CNBC’s Squawk on the Street, Mike Sievert pitched that the New T-Mobile will offer customers the best service at the best price. And with the combined 5G will be the largest carrier with 5G (but not millimeter wave 5G, which is the fastest, being worked on by Verizon). For Sprint customers, major changes to branding are not expected to take place until after this Pandemic has subsided, which they are hoping will be by Summer.

I am personally looking forward to seeing how this all play out.

Will T-Mobile continue being the “un-carrier” network, or will they become the villain they talked so much about?


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