If you haven’t heard by now the fans that have been begging for the Snyder Cut of Justice League will be getting their wish. The Snydercut is coming to HBO Max. So what is this Snyder cut?

During the filming of the Justice League, Zack Snyder left the production because of the tragic death of his daughter. That left the studio to hire Joss Whedon to finish the production. Joss went back and added a more light-hearted element to the movie as well as changed some of the special effects to fit the story he was trying to tell, which was based on the studio wanting to wrap up the 4-hour edition into basically a 2-hour movie. The movie was not received well by critics or fans and it eventually led to the demand for the Snyder cut, which was the original plan and direction that Zack Snyder had for the movie.

I personally did not believe there was a Snyder cut and felt this was a waste of an effort to demand something that did not exist and would not ever happen. But now after seeing that WB will be giving Zack Snyder 20M to finish his version of Justice League for HBO MAX, I have to admit I am excited about it. I heard that Justice League Dark Apokolips War took some of its cues from Snyder’s Justice League, and if that is the case then I definitely am wanting to check it out. Because for me Justice League Dark AW has been one of WB’s best DC movie to date. Especially on the animation front.

With the fact that the Snyder Cut is looking to show the full vision of what Zack Snyder was working on, fans will be able to get a sense of closure. Good, bad, or indifferent, the “what ifs” will be put to bed, and it will allow the studio to completely move forward. And since it will be on their streaming service, they will not have to beg or barter with theaters to get it shown costing money in the process. If the fans love it, great. But if not, they will still get subscribers based on curiosity alone. And for WB this is perfect. In fact, I am not surprised this news broke now. HBO MAX is scheduled to release in less than a week, and thanks to this news they will be getting free promotions of the service from blogs, YT channels, Twitch channels, and other social media platforms about the service.

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