This deal has gone on for about a year now, as it has been in DOJ hell. But thanks to Dish, we may now see Pink and Yellow together officially.

The 26 billion dollar merger will combine two of the four major US carriers into one company. A move that caused a lot of concern because both T-Mobile and Sprint were two of the lower-cost carriers. And to make matters worse, Sprint owned Boost and Virgin Mobile, while T-Mobile owned Metro PCS. Meaning all of the lower cost carriers would be combines, therefore stifling the competition.

Screenshot 2019-07-27 at 17.18.50.png

The new T-Mobile-Sprint deal promises to help bring 5G to the masses #5G for all. But the questions still remains at what cost?

Dish buying Boost, Virgin Mobile, and any other prepaid phone companies are to try and keep that balance of competition. As stated on my channel, this makes sense for Dish as their customer base consists of some of the same people who would still be using their satellite dish. For the 5 billion paid Dish will also get 20,000 cellular towers and a number of retail stores.

I truly hope the new T-Mobile actually work out to provide not only a better network for both T-Mobile and Sprint customers but that it still provides the opportunity for the number of workers affected by this merger.



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