It is tempting, especially for tech fans, to want to run out and be one of the first to buy a phone. I personally know that feeling. You want to experience the phone first hand. Almost as if you want to avoid “spoilers” for a device. But trust me when I tell you this, it pays to be last with tech.

We have seen some of the first devices enter the market. Think of the first flat screen and how expensive it was. They were plagued with issues that eventually got resolved about the time those TVs were made affordable. The same can be said for many devices. And this holds true, especially for smart phones.

Lou from Unboxed Therapy

Bendgate, Screengate, you name it, these were issues discovered by the early adopters of the phones. And many of these issues were either resolved with a software update, or a change in the manufacturing process. About time customers bought the phone a month or two later, they got both a better product and a better deal. A better deal because after a month or two we see companies throwing in extra products, or knocking off dollars, to get people in the store.

So learn from me. Unless you are a product reviewer, hold off on your purchase for a month or two. It will save you some frustrations in the long run.

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