A photo surfaced on Reddit on what I hope the Pixel 4 will look like. In this photo it appears to be a near all display phone with a similar hole punch look found on the Samsung Galaxy S10+. But I don’t just want to see it stop there. I have a couple of other additions I want to see made.

IMG_20181027_153952 (1)


I know Google has had a long standing relationship with LG, but what ever they are doing with their displays are not working. At least not as far as the Pixel phones. The Pixel 2XL had that highly criticized blue tint with a muted display. And the Pixel 3XL just looked dark compared to other displays. So it may be time for Google to follow in the steps of Apple and go to Samsung for their displays. When it come to phone displays, Samsung is the best in the business. And Google already tasked them to making the displays on their Pixel 3a, might as well continue with the Pixel 4. Give us a display that is worthy of being a flagship worthy display.

Screen Shot 2019-05-13 at 2.47.20 AM


“Hey Google, if it’s ok with you I would like to see a phone that has some RAM. Thank you,”

Google needs to stop being stingy on the RAM. For two flagships in a row they stuck with 4 GB of RAM. I know they believe so much in their software that they feel like they can optimize the software to not require the extra RAM. But unfortunately that has not worked out so well. And if One Plus was able to give us a phone with up to 10GB of RAM for $900, and 8GB of Ram for around $600, then I expect 8 GB of RAM to come standard with the Pixel 4. Any less and you guys are trolling.

Screen Shot 2019-05-13 at 2.50.21 AM


Speaking of being stingy, they have also been stingy with the storage. It is clear what Google is doing here trying to get people to rely on them for cloud storage. But at this point in the game 64 GB should be the base model, and really it should be 128 GB. Given that Pixel phones do not have external storage, and people are holding on to their phones longer, the extra storage space would be nice. So if you don’t mind Google, give us some real storage space.


Continue doing what has been working

What has been working with the Pixel phones are the cameras and software. This has been what has separated Google phones from the competition. Many of us have been looking for a true android equivalent to the iPhone. A phone that gets frequent software updates, is not loaded with a bunch of bloat, and is fully optimized to take full advantage of the hardware. Though I commend Samsung for being at the forefront of hardware innovations, my heart continue to stay with Google phones. And sadly my heart has been broken the past few years. It would be nice if fans of the Pixel phone can have their faithfulness rewarded with a phone that finally checks all the boxes, and don’t feel like Google decided to leave parts on the table.


Credit to Reddit member Rodkahx for the image in the title.

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