The cat is out of the bag, bloggers and YouTubers have been able to dissect the 3XL.

   Thanks to leaks we know that the Pixel 3XL  will be keeping the same specs as last year’s phone, with the exception of a notch, Snapdragon 845, and possibly a set of wired earbuds. But this do not warrant an upgrade, especially when companies like Samsung and One Plus phones include an 845 and more RAM. So how can Google salvage this launch?

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 It’s going to be all about that Pixel 3

    The benefit of releasing two phones is one can pick up the slack for the other. We haven’t seen much leaked from the Pixel 3, and that could be in Google’s favor. They should first concentrate on variety. Apple is rumored to be releasing an iPhone with multiple color options. Google could do the same thing launching the Pixel in red, blue, green, and yellow. This would give Pixel fans something to look forward to in the Fall.


Pricing is key here.

   Time to channel your inner Nexus. Google half stepped it on this one and they know it. To not at least upped the specs to 6 GB of RAM is very Apple of them. They can’t be a trendsetter if they’re getting left behind. But this can be easily fixed with the pricing.

      Price this phone at $600 with the multiple color choices and they may get people buying. At this point unless somehow that Pixel 3 get released with 6+ GB of RAM, this phone is a disappointment. And to be able to still salvage $600 in a disappointing year is a big win.


Google’s Pixel phones  need to be more.

   I spent the past few years hyping up Google phones. And last year, despite the screen of the 2XL, I strongly defended this phone versus the competition. But this year I can’t do it. I’m very disappointed that Google is not seeming to be taking their smartphones serious. Unfortunately Essential can’t get themselves together. Which leaves those wanting a stock Android experience, with swift updates, reeling.

   Hopefully Google can get their stuff together, because if we were to be honest the tech community (may) have given Google a pass with both the Pixel (because it was “a last minute launch”) and the Pixel 2XL. They get no pass with the 3. There have been enough time now to establish an identity for the Pixel phones, and right now it feels like a phone that try to do just enough to say they are competitive. Meanwhile other companies are starting to leave them behind.

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