It’s been almost a decade now since HTC was the top dog in the industry. With phones like the Desire, Evo, Incredible, and the butterfly, HTC was putting out some heavy hitters in the game. In fact the only knock was them putting small batteries in their phones (which was easily fixed by buying a larger replacement battery).

Here we are now and HTC can’t seem to capture any real interests. It’s as if they’ve lost their ability to innovate.

HTC is in big need of a hit. The problem is with Samsung and Apple commanding the majority of the industry, there is a fight to find this niche where other phones can fit in. LG is trying to be the phone for innovators and music fans, Motorola is trying to be the Swiss army knives of phones with the Moto mods, Google commands the crowd it established with the nexus line that want pure Android and the latest software updates, and other smaller phone manufacturers are just trying to get in where they fit in.

HTC needs to find their niche and bring forward a concept that will bring customers to their doorsteps. No longer can they rely on being the phone the root users prefer as that has long been gone since the nexus came to the scene.

What HTC needs to do is start putting their best foot forward during their big flagship release. No more of this releasing one flagship only to release a better improved version a few months later. Go all out with the release with all the bells and whistles. Bring your best hardware and software design to the market at that one release.

Do what the other manufacturers are hesitant to do and do it well. Bring the full screen display phone with the under glass fingerprint scanner, release a phone in the department of a great mid and small size phone that doesn’t compromise in the specs department. In fact have it blow the others out the water with great battery life, top notch display, solid camera, headphone jack, and specs that exceed the competition. They add in a display that is shatterproof, similar to what Moto did a few years back, a solid casing that can resist most drops while keeping its good looks, and make it a Google Experience phone that get updates right after the pixel line, and you have a phone that will fit the niche market that has been asking for a dependable durable phone that runs smooth for years. Pretty much you provided a phone the market has been wanting without the compromise.

Though I doubt we will see such a phone from HTC in the near future, I just hope HTC figures it out before they become extinct.

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