Walmart has a policy, “the customer is always right”. And frankly, a number of companies share a similar motto. Walmart’s reason was that they did not want a dispute over something like a $5 shirt to get in the way of thousands of dollars of future profit. Plus, we all had that situation where an employee went above and beyond, and as a result, it caused us to want to give them more business.

Google may have a problem with their customer service. This is from a Reddit where a number of people have complained about Google’s customer service. One person stated that they sent their device in for a screen repair and ended up either being forced to pay extra for an unrequested Wifi repair or have their device sent back without getting the screen replaced. There are a few posts like that where customers have run into issues with Google’s customer service personnel.

I was actually surprised because I have stated on a number of occasions that Google’s customer service has been one of the best. Whether I have had an issue with a phone, Google Wallet (before it became Google Pay), Google Pay, or even Google Music, I have been met by a friendly rep that fixed my issue right then. Even when I was the one in the wrong, they still managed to help me solve my issue. The only time I was critical of Google’s customer service was when they sent me to Huawei to fix my Nexus 6p. And we see how that worked out for Google (hint: class action lawsuit).

Screenshot 2019-07-29 at 15.46.34

I’ve been on the side of a customer on the bad end of poor service, and I know others have as well. That feeling is frustrating, because of the time and money spent trying to get the issues resolved. And this is magnified when the item cost hundreds of dollars, and the customer is not getting the service promised. So I am not going to regard an issue, even one that may be isolated, as it being a “non-issue”.  Thankfully it looks like a Google rep has chimed in at the Reddit.

A company as large as Google will have an employee that may have not responded to a customer properly, or provide the solution the customer was looking for. When that happens that is when another employee or a supervisor should look to make it right. Now making it right may not mean the customer gets everything they demand, especially if the demand is beyond reason, but the company should try and provide a fair solution.  The widget (or item) is what brought the customer to a particular business, but customer service keeps them coming back or send them elsewhere. Hopefully, Google can learn from the complaints and make sure to improve on their service going forward.



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