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 A year ago Essential burst onto the scene. Andy Rubin was going to get android back to its roots. Back to the foundations that made android where it was at today. But now it looks like that dream may be done.

Android Police reports that Essential is trying to find a way to raise funds in order to put out a second phone. If things do not turn around it could lead to the company having to go up for sale or shutting its doors for good. Andy still is optimistic that they will be able to raise the funds and get things back on track.

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   Essential had a rough start after photos last year showed the phone to have a poor camera. As a result Essential was never able to shake that rap and it cost them. A company committed to stirring up the smartphone industry just could not get any solid traction. And this likely kept them from releasing their assistant device (Essential Home) and the phone accessories they were going to release.

Moral of the story is bring your A camera game if you are releasing a flagship phone. If Google finally realized this there is no reason for a flagship phone not to be on their camera game. Unfortunately it is going to be hard to turn this around. With more companies entering the smartphone field and opening the sphere up with gaming phones and top market cameras, Essential is going to struggle to find away to distinguish themselves.

Is Essential done for or will they be able to turn this thing around?

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