I was in the market to pick up another device, and I was thinking about grabbing a iPad Pro. I had wrote before that those wanting an Android tablet should look toward the iPad. And my stance still remains that the best Android tablet remains the Apple iPad. But for those wanting something more, the Chrome devices win.

The power in chrome tablets and chromebooks lie in the power of the browser. The Chrome browser continues to grown and improve. And with Google Stadia to be made available in the Fall, Google’s Chrome devices may be the best devices available and here is why. Yes, Apple has the better integration with the app store (something I have to admit is the achilles heel of chrome devices), but the chrome devices are the better device and here are the reasons why.


Apple with iPad OS is just now trying to integrate desktop like features into their iPad. But the Chromebook had that since its debut, only adding more and more features in the coming years. Because the Chromebook is built around Chrome, which is a desktop browser, it was made to be a device that was built for work.

That means when you go to different sites, you get the same sites that you would get from you desktop computer. This is not just beneficial for work, but also leisure as that means you can enjoy media through the same browser you enjoy on your home computer. That means Netflix, YouTube TV, Hulu, and other multimedia platforms will work just fine.


I will admit that for a number of professions that require certain software to work offline, ie pilots, people in the medical field, or musicians, Chromebooks will not be ideal. Google just do not have the apps that these professionals rely on for their day to day operations. But if you’re able to stay connected, and are ok work doing everything through the web, this is the better choice over Apple’s iPads.

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