Android 12, Pixel 6, Tensor, alright I’ll admit that I’m excited about Pixel phones again.

If you haven’t heard by now Google will be releasing their upcoming Pixel with their own chipsets, and I’m excited. I know, I know, why allow my heart to be broken again by another subpar Pixel effort?

But I have to admit, I’m feeling like things could be different now (at least I’m truly hoping). The look of the 6 and 6 Pro along with early reactions have me ready for Pixel phones.

In case you haven’t heard, the Tensor chip is Google’s in-house chipset that will allow them to do more with providing better AI for a better experience with photos, videos, search, and more. And the hope is this will provide a phone experience set apart from the competition.

Word on the street is that Google will be working with Samsung to create the chipset. And if this is true, I am definitely feeling this. One thing I’ll continue to give praise to Samsung for is its hardware. They do it better than anyone, which is why they are sought for a number of iPhone hardware. So if Google is indeed seeking Samsung for making the Tensor chips, I expect we could indeed be seeing a turning point for Pixel phones.

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