The excitement is in the air as this time of year we began to see the first surge of new phones hitting the market. Companies such as Samsung will be releasing their Spring flagship in the coming weeks. And with all the buzz and hype in the air it is tempting to jump on the latest trend. Even if it is a phone you have been waiting for let’s contemplate the pros and cons of buying now versus waiting.

When a new phone hit the market the price is at its highest as the demand is high. At this point manufacturers look to try and get as many sales as they can to maximize profits. This is when you get this push to encourage buyers to pre-order the phones so not to “miss out”. Carriers spam the inboxes with information to remind you about the latest device and encourage buyers to purchase either online or in stores, as this is a great time for carriers to lock in customers on a new plan. As the weeks go by and the hype dwindle as we slide on down that demand curve, we notice the same phone that was selling at its peak price now being offered with a deal that drops a few hundred off of the price and/or offer options such as buy one get ones and accessories paired with the purchase.

So if we know that at the peak of a purchase we will be forced to fight the lines to shell out the most amount of money, opposed to waiting when the lines have died down, the bugs have been crushed, the manufacturing flaws have been weeded out, and the cost is lowered, why do we find ourselves fighting to be “first” to purchase the device?

It all goes to the hype machine being in full effect. Between all the ads, testimonials, newly released Youtube videos, and news feeds flooded with nothing but talk about the device and one goes from being content with their current device to angry because their phone missed the intended shipping date. If we could find the discipline to weather the beast for just a few months we would fine that we end up coming out ahead of those who were first to buy. By then more accessories are available to purchase with others taking the hit for the poor product that have hit the market. But then again that would cut into us being able to go on social media and talk about how we were one of the first to get hot new device and feel the joy of having something new that others are fighting to get.

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