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Image of a poorly repaired phone courtesy of Android Police

HTC have not been in good standings as of late. With (US) carriers refusing to sell their latest flagship phones HTC had a hill to climb to get back in the grace of fans. So you would think HTC would do all they can to make customer’s experience stellar. Well it looks like HTC just don’t give a what.

BBB gave HTC a grade of F for all the complaints and lack of support from HTC. The number of complaints over on the BBB shows a situation of the manufacturer not taking control of their brand. Issues from poor repairs, not able to get support, and the time it took for customers to get their devices back, were reported on BBB, Consumer Affairs, and TrustPilot.

This is a major concern because no one wants to pay the kind of money we pay for these flagship phones not to get support and timely repairs. The fact that HTC haven’t addressed and cracked down on this feels like HTC threw in the towel. HTC has to excel at something and they haven’t done it in the hardware or software department as of late. HTC truly just gave up on themselves and their customers and it is time they either “shape up or ship out”.

This is turning out to be another sad year for HTC and I don’t know how many more they can have before HTC is no more.

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