Another Chromebook Tablet in time for the Summer.

Looks as if this summer will be filled with ChromeOS tablets. In an effort to lock down the education market, computer companies are rolling out Chrome Tablets. The latest tablet to make waves is the HP Chromebook X2. At $599 this may be a little steep for a chromebook looking to compete with the iPad Pro.

The latest tablet to make waves is the HP Chromebook X2.

HP has been in the game for a bit. And I am excited that they will be making this device. The Chromebook X2 will come with a detachable keyboard similar to the Transformer tablet. I spoke of wanting to see a similar device a few weeks ago (What it is going to take for ChromeOS to be taken serious as a tablet.). This Chromebook will have a 12.3 inch Gorilla Glass 4 screen, stylus, and a M3 Core Intel processor. The ports on the device will be two USB-C slots, headphone jack, and a SD card slot. 4GB of Ram is nice but the 32 GB of storage is weak. The cameras are eh with a 13 MP rear and 5 MP front facing. It is clear the camera is not going to be the strong feature of this device.

I am looking forward to playing around with this device. I am really excited to see where we go with chrome tablets. Though I still feel Google needs to improve the chrome software to handle the android apps. I am liking the ability to detach the keyboard to utilize the tablet feature for multimedia. At $600 it is too soon to say this will be a better buy than the Samsung Chromebook Plus. We will have more when the device is available for purchase on the 10th of June.


Source: The Verge

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