I touched briefly on my path to tech in my quick bio at the bottom (or side) of the page, depending on whether you’re reading this on your phone or computer. But I want to go a little deeper into my journey.

My journey actually started back with the iPhone 3gs, I just bought the phone and couldn’t figure out how to get iTunes to pop up when connecting it to my computer. I kept bugging my brother to explain it to me in simple terms, as I kept getting frustrated that I couldn’t do this simple process. Ironic because little bro was the techie of the family then, and now the tables have turned.
I would eventually figure it out. But that sparked something that would eventually change my life forever. I felt that frustrated feeling of not being able to figure out the simple things with tech that my peers were able to do easily.
I eventually switched from the iPhone to the Droid, a story I’ve told many times in the past on other sites. Basically because of a faulty iPhone and AT&T’s policy involving Apple phones, I cancelled and switched to Verizon (who didn’t have the iPhone at the time).
My first experience with the Droid was of disappointment because it didn’t do what my iPhone did. But eventually I grew to love the Droid and it was further expanded when the rooting culture overtook the Droid.
Being a person interested in rooting, I was afraid because of possibly “bricking” my phone (ie making it useless). To make matters worse was this sense of arrogance from those who knew how to root. If you couldn’t understand this page long post of instructions, without pictures, you were too “stupid” to root and shouldn’t be doing it anyway.
But then Sholesmod came out. It was a script (aka program) that basically rooted, and allowed you to customize the process from the boot screen.

Finally I was rooted and running a custom Rom. And thanks to a few tweaks, changed my phone from boring to cool. I would then spend the next few hours helping people do the same with their phones. Eventually that sparked a conversation to us starting a group on DroidForums called the “Rescue Squad”. This group’s primary job was to help people with their phones, basically a free tech support group.
As one of the founding members of the group, I helped to establish how the group would operate. Though the forum had rules against politics and religion (a good policy that was meant to prevent arguments), many of the Rescue Squad’s policies were based on Christian principles. Basically wanting to help people without payment or anything special. Just helping someone because we were helped in the past.
Though I never will shy away from my faith, I was never one to force my beliefs on anyone, or treat someone indifferent because of their own beliefs. I wore my faith in how I treated people and provided help to them, and showing patience teaching them how to recover an expensive device after a failed root attempt.

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I would go on to post many step by step guides, referencing YouTube channels like Droid-Life, and other Android sites.
I eventually evolved from providing tech support to writing articles. Thanks to some guidance from forum member and News lead, DGStorm, I would grow over the years with my writing. Him marking up a lot of my articles with red at the beginning, he helped me to grow into the role of writing.
I expanded my writing to more than Android, to wanting to talk about other tech stuff. And this is what led me to start my own blog. Grown out of hearing coworkers, friends, and family members wanting to understand tech, but feeling intimidated by it. I took that feeling they had, feeling I had back when I couldn’t figure out my iPhone or how to root my Droid, and wanted to take tech and break it down so it was not intimidating.
So I strive to take the latest tech trends and talk, and try and break it down so the average person can understand how these trends affect them. As well as provide tips that are designed to try and help those who never touched a piece of tech before.
So welcome to neXup, the next up in Android and Tech. Feel free to hit me up if you have any questions or issues, and I’ll try and do my best to help you.

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