This was going to be the movie that continued to show that DC was on the right track. It was meant to be more fun and light-hearted, versus the other movies in the DCEU. And with so much buzz around it, DC felt confident enough to open the movie to the public for early reviews. So what are my thoughts on this movie?

Welcome to the H8 Spoiler Review section. This is where I break down my thoughts on movies, while trying my best to leave out any potential spoilers. And on deck we have Shazam, the original Captain Marvel. For those who are not aware, Shazam originally went by Captain Marvel. Shazam was the creation of C.C Beck and Bill Parker, and first appeared in Whiz Comics. After the character was acquired by DC, it eventually was changed to Shazam (thanks to a few C&Ds by Marvel).

Looking at these two movies, they are on different trajectories. Marvel’s Captain Marvel is coming off of the momentum of Infinity War, and is the movie ushering in the climax of 10 years of Marvel movies, in the much anticipated End Game movie.

On the other side you have Shazam that is trying to help right the ship after the disappointing BvS, Suicide Squad, and Justice League. With the focus shifting to developing these characters in their own movies, are we finally getting the DCEU that we have all be hoping for?

First I have to say that this movie truly tried to steer toward being lighter, and they did that by focusing on the comedic element. This movie took one of the most powerful superheroes in the DC Universe, and asked the question what would happen if that hero really was a kid. And that opens the story to a number of comedic elements. Here you have Billy Batson, played by Asher Angel (and Zachary Levi when he turns into Shazam), trying to navigate both being in a foster home, as well as his newly acquired abilities. With the aid of his foster-brother, Freddy (played by Jack Dylan Grazer), he learns what it means both to be a hero and a family.

My issues lied with the last part of the movie. There were just some choice decisions that felt cheap and distracting (I am afraid to go into more wanting to avoid any potential spoilers). My other issue was in how many times they kept referencing other heroes in the DCEU. I understand letting people know that they are connected, but when it’s done too much, it becomes distracting.

Overall I will say that this movie is best enjoyed in the living room, or on the phone at the gym. It is something that I would (personally) rent or wait to catch for free on a streaming service. But if you do decide to take the family to see it, I think they will enjoy it, especially for kids ranging 14 and below. So for the majority I think they will enjoy catching it in the theater.

As for which Captain Marvel is supreme, I am going to have to lean towards Marvel’s version. They both had their issues, but I felt that Marvel got more right in their movie than DC.

Post Credit Scenes:

There are two post credit scenes. The mid credit scene has to do with building up the story, and the post credit scene is just meant for laughs.

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