Here it is, the movie that is the answer to DC’s Wonder Woman. Providing a strong female character lead and role model showing that women can be heroes too. So is this movie as bad as people says it is?

H8 Spoiler reviews are just that, I hate spoilers so I try and bring a review from the person who hate having his movies spoiled. That mean it may be a little light compared to other reviewers, but I want the readers to know the basics without having the movie ruined. So let’s get started.

This movie did what it was designed to do. Tie up the Marvel universe, and prepare the audience for Endgame. And frankly it did that quite well. But it did manage to tell an intriguing story about the main character, Captain Marvel. We get the origin story of how one of Marvel’s most powerful heroes got started, as well as provide somewhat of an origin story for Nick Fury.

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If I had a gripe, I would say that this movies jumps around maybe a little too much for me. I would have loved to get a little more time diving into the war between the Kree and the Skrulls.

That said, this movies is a good addition to the Marvel Universe and it provided the lesson about being a strong independent woman without really beating it over your head (but it is clearly there). Not sure if this will be to women what Black Panther was to African Americans, but it will result in a few Captain Marvel costumes for halloween next year.

Overall rating is that this is a good family film. If you followed the Marvel Cinematic Universe, you’re going to want to see this movie to get a little background on some of your characters. But this is not going to hover at the top of the Marvel echelon of films. This will sit right there in the middle. And for a lot of Marvel and comic book movie fans, that is good enough to see in the movie theater.

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Post Credit Scenes:

Yes there are two post credit scenes. The first one is something to stick around for, the second was a waste of time. It really didn’t add to the story (this is the one that you can just wait for it to make its way on Youtube).

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