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Back in April after watching Batman Ninja I felt like DC Animation was falling off. One of the best storytelling elements for DC (the animation department) was going by the wayside with the latest DC movies. So when I saw the previews for DC’s The Death of Superman I was not feeling it. For one it looked like they was just re-doing Superman Doomsday from 2007. Boy was I wrong.

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Superman Doomsday 2007

This movie did an excellent job telling the Doomsday story. For one I loved what they did with Doomsday. You literally felt like he was an unstoppable force and no one (maybe not even Superman) could stop him. The way he was described by Lex Luthor (apex predator) was pretty much what you saw displayed. A mindless creature bent on dominating everything and everyone in front of him.

This movie takes place in the same universe as Justice League War and Justice League Throne of Atlantis. The animation is literally identical to those two movies and frankly it has grown on me. Everything from how Superman interacted with the citizens of Metropolis, the Justice League, and the world help build up the relationship for why so many people have a lot of love for the Man of Steel. Unlike Batman v Superman that rushed the Superman story and forced the elements of the Death of Superman, this movie felt more genuine and did a much better job at telling the story. Though this story has been told many times and people know the end result based on the title, there are elements told that right the ship for Superman fans who saw Justice League War.

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    This movie did a great job telling the story of Superman and the movie represented what we all imagine when we think of Superman. Truth, Justice, he is the hero you call when all else is lost. This is what the DC movie universe failed to tell that DC Animation got right. Welcome back DC Animation I thought you were gone forever.

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