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    Luke Cage Season 2 dropped last week and I finally finished the last episode. This will be a non spoiler review.

So season 2 kicks off after season 1 and the Defenders. Luke Cage is now Harlem’s hero and he must now handle the responsibility of that while battling threats from both outside Harlem and within. From outside he faces Bushmaster (played by Mustafa Shakir), who like Luke Cage shares a similar power plus he is faster, more ruthless, and will let no one get in the way of his goal.

From within we have to deal with Mariah Dillard who continues to battle Luke for the heart of Harlem. Though she lacks powers she makes up for it with her ruthlessness that can not be rivaled. Armed with her henchmen she will let no one stand in her way.

Season 2 starts off very slow. In fact I was ready to write it off as another bust for Netflix’s Marvel series. Once you get to around episode 5 and 6 is where the show just dramatically picks up. In fact it almost feels like an entirely different show. Everyone just picks it up. Bushmaster is a solid villain. The acting and motivation for what he does have you seeing things from his point of view. Though you may not agree with the levels he is willing to go to achieve his goal, you don’t necessarily have an issue with what he is trying to accomplish once you flush out his motivations.

And Mariah is wow….. though she lack power you feel she could indeed be the most dangerous threat in Harlem. The means she is willing to go to achieve her goals to do what she feel is necessary for Harlem is none. At times you feel for her and at other times you want her to get everything she has coming to her. Yet despite her lack of powers she is a real challenge for both Luke Cage and law enforcement officers. Alfre Woodard does an excellent job portraying the character.

The show does a great job once it picks up not letting off the gas. You are so pumped up by the end of the series that you almost forget about the first few episodes. You just want more. This show really have an amazing cast that surrounds Luke Cage. If the first few episodes didn’t exist it would almost be a 5/5. But they do exist though I say it is good that it starts slow and ends on a high to have viewers leaving on a high note wanting more. I honestly have to give it a 3.5 out of 5.

If you are watching season 2 I say power through the first few episodes. It will be tough because you are going to have to get through 3-4 hours of a show that seems flat. From poor dialogue, bad acting, and uninspired music. But if you can power though it you will be treated to perhaps Netflix’s best Marvel show. And unlike Daredevil Season 2 that kicked off fast and sizzled out by the last episode, Luke Cage did the opposite and left you wanting to know what’s next.

So what did you think about Luke Cage Season 2?

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