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   As stated before, Iron Fist Season 1 was not met with a lot of praise. So would Season 2 be able to right the wrongs, or would it be the same old Iron Fist?

To start, this season there are only 10 episodes. This is better than the 13 episode season 1, but frankly should have been 8 episodes. Like many of the Netflix Marvel shows, the series kicks off slow. The first few episodes are trying to build up the characters and backstories. And as a result it seem to take a few episodes to really get into the series.

So the show kicks off where they left off from Season 1, Defenders, and cameo appearances. We see how the main characters, Danny Rand and Colleen Wing, handle life after the Hand. New York should be better off without the Hand. Instead, the Hand being gone left a power vacuum. And now rival gangs are fighting to take over more territory. Danny Rand fights to keep the war from spilling onto the streets of New York.

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   Season 2 expands more on the characters from the first season. For example; we see how the decisions made by Ward in season 1 results in a strained relationship with Joy. And how they go about handling it. But we are also introduced to some new characters that has some interesting backstories. Davos, for example, get a more expanded back story in which you have a better understanding of his culture, motivations and flaws. And frankly, we get introduced to many of the characters flaws and motivations influenced by their pasts.

Overall I will rate this Season better than the last. But it still needs work. I really struggled to get through the first 2 episodes. In fact, it took me several rewinds as I kept falling asleep. But once I got past the first two episodes I found myself intrigued enough to continue on. I actually enjoyed how all the characters were interwoven. And we really got to see their flaws and struggles. I would say that the reason this season was better had to do with the focus being shifted to the supporting characters.

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   Despite all that, I would still have to say that the show was a C- grade for me. I did like that there was more action this season. But I did not really care for the direction of the show overall. I really wanted them to expand further on K’un-Lun. We have Daredevil and Luke Cage to handle the crime in New York. It would have been awesome to see Season 2 investigate what happened to K’un-Lun, as well as dive in more on the mythology.

Minus that, this is just a cookie cutter show that is too familiar with the other shows. Like the other Netflix shows, our hero is forced to battle rival gangs fighting for territory. The supporting characters and the villains are a little different. But you could mix and match the characters and the shows would still feel the same.  Oh, and the ending just left me confused.

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   If you liked the Marvel shows on Netflix, then this is a show to help you keep up what is going on. With that said, watch this on the treadmill or elliptical at the gym. It will provide enough of a distraction to get you through your workout. The action and the fighting provides enough, “oooh” moments to keep you interested. But don’t bother clearing off your weekend to binge.

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