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   The Devil of Hell’s Kitchen makes his return for another season. The show that kicked off the Marvel Netflix universe, Daredevil Season 3 kicks off right after the events of The Defenders. So let’s get started with my review.

One of the reasons people gravitated to Daredevil was because it was a show that was more grounded. It left the magic and mystical stuff to the main Marvel Universe, while it was just a street level vigilante trying to clean up the streets. But the second half of season 2 did dive into the mystical and that didn’t seem to work with fans.  Season 3 returned the show to its roots. None of the mystical or magic. Just straight up street level blood, violence, and brutality.

The show kicks off after Season 3 with Matt Murdock/Daredevil going through recovery. During this period he has to deal with life, where he may not be able to be Daredevil anymore. To watch a hero who has been beaten down go through a real struggle with life, faith, and his place in the world reminds us why we loved the hero. He do not have the ability to heal fast like Hulk, Thur, or Captain America. And he do not have a suit of armor to protect him. This is a normal guy who suffer breaks, bruises, and concussions like any other human. And these real injuries can effect whether this person can continue the life of a hero anymore.

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Meanwhile we also follow Wilson Fisk, as he is behind bars for his crimes. The show capture how Kingpin can be both a gentle giant and a force at the same time. To watch this character willing to do anything for his love, Vanessa, shows the dynamic of his character.

The supporting characters each have a story. What the series do so well is capture the backstories of each of these characters, so we have a better understanding of their motivations. Characters such as Foggy Nelson, Karen Page, and Sister Maggie, each have their own backstories that defines their motivations. And justifies why Season 3 is 13 episodes long.

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I loved what they did with season 3. They went back to the basics of what made this show great. The show concentrated on the characters in a real environment dealing with real feelings and issues. At times you find yourself even rooting for the villains as you feel for their situations. Season 3 goes up there as one of the best for the Marvel series. As we all like to see how a fallen hero get back up, and see the villains as actual fallen characters.

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