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So what is a “H8 Spoiler Review?”

I personally try and avoid reading or watching reviews because I just do not want my opinion swayed by that of a critic. Plus, some critics tend to give things a way I don’t want to hear (or read) about. So in my reviews I try and be brief, to the point, and avoid any and all possible spoilers.

So let’s get to my review

This movie visually was awesome, especially when they capture the world of Atlantis. In fact, my one gripe about this movie is that I wish they would have given a little more time to that world.

The overall pace of the movie was that which kept you moving along. There were not many dull or slow moments that stopped the flow. The humor and lightheartedness gave a different feel to this movie versus other DCEU movies, but did not take away from the story.

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I personally can not wait to check this movie out again, as I would love to check it out in IMAX. This movie gives me hope in what the DCEU can do. Hopefully with the MCU wrapping up next year, this will end this need to “catch up” to Marvel. And we can see more movies that focuses on the character development and world building like this does.

Is this the best comic book movie of the year, no. I think we know what movie gets that honor. But this may be the best comic book movie of the year visually. For me this edges out Black Panther for visuals, though I would rate Black Panther ahead of this movie. This is definitely a movie that I not only recommend, but will personally be checking out again.

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After the credits


This movie has a mid credit scene and that is it. Once the mid credit scene is done, file out to your vehicle. Save yourself the hassle of googling whether or not you need to stay until the end.


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For parents concerned about whether to take your kids.

I will not make that decision about what you feel you want your child to see or hear at the theater. I will instead just note that the move do contain foul language and (obvious) violence. There are no sexual scenes or gruesome violence. There may be a scene or two that may be a little scary to very young viewers.

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This concludes my review, but I want to talk about the Amazon Prime exclusive screening.

I hope Amazon do a few more of these, this was awesome. Now we did have to sit through a few Amazon commercials before the previews. But I can deal with that to catch out an exclusive a week early. I am curious to see how successful this thing was. I know my theater was packed full of people taking advantage of this deal. And DC obviously felt confident in this movie to offer it up as an early screening for Amazon. So if the applauds from the crowd in my theater serves as an indication, then this movie should get a lot of positive buzz.

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