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      Another addition to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Ant-man and the Wasp came off a very successful year for Marvel thus far. First to kick it off was Black Panther in February breaking blockbuster records. Then right after that was Avengers Infinity War that help add to the record breaking numbers set by Marvel and Disney. So after all this success could Marvel get the Triple Crown with Ant-man and the Wasp?

Coming off a heavy film like Infinity War it was clear that Marvel positioned this movie to be much more light hearted. And this movie did just that. Starring Paul Rudd as Ant-man we pick up with him facing the aftermath of his part in Civil War. As punishment for his past crimes he is confined to serve out the remainder of his probation where he must remain in the house and stay out of trouble.

Meanwhile Hank Pym (played be Michael Douglas) and his daughter Hope (played by Evangeline Lilly) make their return to try and pick up where they left off with the first movie by trying to find the original Wasp, Janet, believed to be alive in the quantum realm. They must find the tech to try and get them to the quantum realm while keeping it out of the hands of Ghost.

This movie does what it sought out to do which was be a light hearted comedy with the stakes set much lower. Where Infinity War had a cosmic impact this movie returned to it being just a street level impact. Where the stakes at the end of the day was not world defining. This do not shy away from bringing some of the same troupes from the last Ant-man to this movie. So how ever you felt about Luis (played by Michael Pena), and his crew (played by rapper T.I. and David Dastmalchian) you will get more of that in this movie.

The villain, Ghost (played by actress Hannah John-Kamen), continue the upswing with Marvel having meaningful villains. Her motivation is understood and though she may not have quite the impact as a Killmonger or Thanos, her role is fitting given this movie is meant to be a step back from all the seriousness and make room for the slapstick comedy.  Overall I give this movie a solid pass (3/5). It may not help secure Marvel the Triple Crown this year but it is by far a movie worth seeing. I would rate it slightly better than the first Ant-man movie. So if you hated Ant-man then you may not care so much for this movie. But those who saw the first Ant-man you know what you’re getting with this movie. The studio did not hide this as it showed what to expect in the previews. And if you are ok with that then you will have a good time with this movie. A family film that even the youngest will have a good time with.

So if you are coming off of the 4th of July looking for a movie to bring the kids to this is it. Is it worth full price and fighting the Friday and Saturday evening crowds, no. This is something you grab the family and catch the matinee at around noon. Get in, enjoy some laughs, and bail out. But before you do there are 2 post credit scenes. The first post credit scene is why many rushed out to see Ant-man and the Wasp, to see where this stands as far as Infinity War. But the second one is not really worth sticking around for. In fact once you see it leaked online it will be the first time you thank the internet for spoiling a stinger for you.

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