A feature on my phone I stumbled upon a few months ago was Favorite Pages. It was a useful little tool because there were times I came upon an article that I either wanted to read later, or write about later. So I would hit add to Favorites. This was a feature that was part of the Google Feed (now Google Discover) to the very left of Pixel phones.


The problem now is that where it was easy to find at first, at the bottom of the Google Feed Page, it is now harder to get to. In fact I had to Google how to find how to access (from my phone)  the pages I saved. And even then I did not find a direct answer to my question.

Screen Shot 2019-02-01 at 11.42.57 AM.png

And this leads me to one of the problems with Google. They seem to have a hard time focusing on a project and seeing it all the way through. They will try an idea, then leave it as is to jump on another project. It’s like they have an idea, but get distracted because another idea pops up in their head. So you have a bunch of projects with a lot of potential end up in the scrap heap.

Having that “Favorite Pages” bookmark was an intriguing idea. This would allow people on the go the chance to revisit articles later. And with it (at one time) being on the Google Fees page, that made it easier to access those pages later. But now it requires a little digging to find it.


So for those wanting to know where it is I will show you below. Which, by the way, is right under your nose.


How to access your saved pages

On your phone open the Chrome App


Search for something


Click the 3 horizontal lines  to the left


then click “collections”.



So if you run across an article on your Google Feed that you decide to check out later, this is how to retrieve them.


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