9 to 5 Google posted a report that Google will be cutting back on laptop and tablet hardware and will be repurposing their focus on something else. This is not surprising to me given the poor reception of the Pixel Slate. Though the Pixelbook has received praise from the community, it is hard to justify paying macbook prices for a Chromebook.

With Google moving away from Chrome, as far as device creation, this have me hoping that we see a good showing in the folding device category. I just hope that if Google travel down the road of the folding devices, they go down the road full speed ahead. Because as of late, I feel that they have been traveling down these roads half cocked, and we are seeing the fruit of that. The Pixel phones of late (Pixel 3 and 3XL) feels like things were left on the table, and the Slate shows first hand the complaints people have had with Chrome OS Tablets. That being the integration between Chrome OS and Android not working as well as expected. Especially on a device where Google is asking from $600 (base model) up to $1600 (bossed out version).

Apple continues to dominate the Tablet market, despite Google having the tools to surpass them. If Google can truly put a full effort forward with these folding phones, they may indeed find a way to position themselves a contender again in the tablet category. Something that is currently being revolutionized by android manufacturers as we speak.

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