I wanted to save this for when I was complete with the Nexus-Pixel phone history. But I don’t think I can wait that long. Now part of this is still based on speculation, so I realize that this article could be venting on something that did not happen. But I have a feeling that the Google Pixel 4 XL will be a disappointment.

First lets talk what it means to be a flagship

Flagship phones are expected to compete with their current trends. If the base line for a certain parameter of specs are one thing, the customers should expect something along those lines for other phones looking to compete on the flagship level. Google knows this. Because at one point in time they were the standard bearers with the earlier nexus phones, especially the Nexus One. So to be clueless to what is expected of them now is just ridiculous.

What am I talking about

Though RAM for me is the biggest issue, I also have an issue with the overall look of the phone. There is no reason to avoid going full screen, similar to what Samsung and One Plus are doing, unless you are giving us front facing (front firing) speakers. Droid-Life actually explained this better on their show the other day, but the Pixel 4 XL (as far as the front of the phone) is taking a step back.

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If you compare the look of the Pixel 4 XL to last year’s Pixel 3 and 2 XL, you would be asking the question where is the innovation. Especially when other companies are doing something. Heck, though One Plus just copied the look of the Vivo Nex S of the previous year, they at least tried to do something different than a big notch and bezel.

And that RAM….

I have grown so frustrated with the lag with trying to double tap on the power button to quickly launch my camera. I have not experienced this kind of camera lag since the old days of android. Yet here I am missing potential shots because the hardware/software is unable to handle the simple task of quick launching the camera. Something I was able to do easily with previous phones.

And the response to Google with this (potentially) is to still launch with up to 6 GB. Nevermind the fact that their competitors are starting at 6 GB of RAM and topping out at as high as 12.



See this is what makes me think Google is no longer cut out to be a flagship carrier. They do not seem to have the heart or desire to do it anymore. And honestly, I am OK with that. I would rather them stick with making their “a” model phones with good cameras at a mid tier price. It makes sense.

What it is, is Google said they wanted to distinguish themselves from their nexus line of products. But thing is people knew what nexus phones were. They were phones that gave specs competitive to flagship phones at a good price. And people were good with that. But Google wanted to be greedy and get some of that flagship money and prestige without actually living up to providing the customers flagship hardware.

I actually hope I am wrong about the Pixel 4 and 4 XL. And if I am, I will gladly print an apology post. But for now as it stands, I find myself no longer excited about Pixel phones. Even though this current Pixel 4 XL design on the rear has rubbed off on me, I just am not seeing how this will be worth spending the money when One Plus is doing more for less with a better software and hardware experience.


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